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Murakami Emulsions

Ulano Products

Wilflex Inks

Gel/Flash cure: 155 F. (68 C.) Due to differences in power, height above ink film and efficiency of flash unit, a specific dwell time for flashing cannot be given.

Full Cure: 300 F. (149 C.) Failure to cure ink properly causes poor washfastness and unacceptable adhesion.

None. This product should be used straight out of the container

Wash Up
Conventional solvents or Bio-degradable Chemicals.


Print at high production rate
Very Competitive Pricing
Soft hand and ease of printing

Advantage Series Plastisol Ink

Advantage Series (ADV) plastisol inks have been specifically formulated by Freedom using only the highest quality components. For high productivity, wet-on-wet screen printing on light colored garments. Advantage inks are customed blended under our own stringent quality control standards and are guaranteed to have excellent resistance to build up and possess excellent printability.

Opacity: Moderate, Advantage is formulated for printing on light colored garments.

Curing Time
Gel or flash-cure: Approx 230 F
Full cure: 320 F
Cure tests should be made prior to any production run. Failure to cure properly may cause increased dye migration, poor wash fastness and inferior adhesion.

Printing Recommendations


86-120 mesh for optimum opacity.
120-280 mesh for overprinting and fine line printing
305-355 mesh for process printing.

Squeegee 60 to 90 Durometer, straight edge blade.

Emulsion Conventional direct or capillary films.
Caution: Special pigments are required to manufacture One-Step Nylon fluorescent colors. Do not trap or overprint on top of fluorescent colors.