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Our cutting edge technology includes the crucial elements to your printing sucess. With features such as on-board CCD camera, or Automation eye, the Series XII leads you through the color management process, allowing flexibilty and maintaining digital accuracy at each step.

When used with the optional color management softwarethe Automation eye will build custom media and ink profiles. Your productivity and profitability increase when you cut out complications.

SeriesXII Gamut+ Variable Mode

Printing Is the concept that will drive your future. Itís the advantage of having ultimate versatility. The DisplayMaker Series XII introduces a dynamic experience with easy, instant configuration between countless print mode selections. The choice is yours.

On one job your benefitting from the industry leading speed, the next youíre expanding the gamut to include hard to reach, high fidelity colors your client demands. Or, if you prefer, you can increase resolution for those applications requring visual excellence.

12 Color Technology Truly unparalleled in potential, our 12 printhead design supports the widest range of print options ever imagined. Colorspan once again delivers innovative technology that will change the rules of wide format printing.

* Triple up CMYK for industry leading speed

* Double up your 6 color catridges for supreme color versatility

* Utilize the unique 12 colors to create sharp film quality images

Up to 240 Sqft per hour

Up to 1800 DPI Resolution

Cutting Edge Technology

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