Storage & Handling

Emulsion is a very stable product and can be stored in temperatures from 35 to 104 degrees. However they should not be allowed to freeze. This emulsion has a extended shelf life of 3+ years

Coated Screens

Coated screens have a shelf life of up to one year when kept under the following conditions (in a light safe area): 59 to 77 degrees F (15 to 25 degrees C) 40% to 50% Relative Humidity We also recommend that an exposed coated screen that has been stored under the above conditions over 2 hours be placed in a drying cabinet for a few minutes prior to exposure.

Murakami Tech Tips

Mesh Preparation

It is extremely important to clean and degrease the screen mesh prior to each application of Emulsion. Oils and grease from transportation or storage, residual contamination from inks and cleaning chemicals and general shop dirt can greatly interfere with consistent, smooth coating and increase the chances of stencil breakdown later on. Ink stains on the mesh can be removed with a Haze/Ghost Remover. A Degreaser helps eliminate the problems caused by screen mesh contaminants on all types of fabric. It safely controls water hardness and cleans unwanted residue such as oils, grease, dirt and dust. The screen should be rinsed well with water and allowed to dry completely before proceeding with coating.


Dry the coated screen in a clean, light safe area in a horizontal position print side down. Thorough drying of the coated screen is very important. The following conditions will help facilitate and insure complete drying: 86 to 104 degrees F (30 to 35 degrees C) 30% to 40% Relative Humidity Air ventilation i.e. fan essential An enclosed screen drying cabinet with heated airflow is very helpful in obtaining and sustaining these conditions, as well as keeping your screens free of contamination.


The image should be washed out using a cold water spray. Wet the stencil completely on both sides. Let it stand for 30 seconds. Wash the image area from the print side until it is clear of unexposed emulsion. Turn the screen around and rinse the squeegee side to remove any residual unexposed emulsion. Blot the screen and frame with a chamois to remove any excess water. Dry the screen in a horizontal position.


Scrape all excess ink from the screen. Remove ink residue with a suitable solvent. Flush the screen with water. Apply Murakami 601 Emulsion Remover or Strip Super-P to both sides of the stencil and allow to sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute. (Do not allow any stencil remover to dry on your screen.) Use a high pressure washer to remove all stencil residue from the mesh.




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