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Aquasol TS
Fast, High Edge Definition, Textile Emulsion

Photocure SR
UV, commercial graphics and textile inks

Photocure TXR
Designed for Textile & Graphic Printing

SP9500 Dual cure
Solvent & Water Resistant




Murakami Products

MURAKAMI SCREEN is the innovator and world leader in SBQ technology. Our unique research and development has resulted in high quality products and worldwide patents. Our proud commitment to providing the finest stencil materials is reflected in uncompromising excellence, consistency and customer satisfaction.

The Murakami research and development team are constantly striving to contribute innovative ideas and functional solutions to problems that screen printers face. Murakami Screen has distribution centers located in Japan, China, Singapore, and the United States, as well as dealers strategically located worldwide.

Our aim is to provide screen printers with the most efficient sales and service teams available.