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Our cutting edge technology includes the crucial elements to your printing sucess. With features such as on-board CCD camera, or Automation eye, the Fabrijet XII leads you through the color management process, eliminates dots and spots, accurately representing the finished product.

When used with the color management software the Automation eye will build custom media and ink profiles. Your productivity and profitability increase when you cut out complications.

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FabriJet XII by Colorspan

In Mere minutes, you can print the fabric designs that once took days to produce.

Colorspan introduces a new level of digital fabric printing, where you can print your designs in a fraction of the time traditional methods require and where your fabric features the colors, pattern and hand that accurately replicate screen-printed output.

The Ultimate Innovation in Digital Fabric Printing

  • For Fashion, Apparel, Home Furnishing and Textile Design Ind.
  • Twelve 600dpi Thermal Ink Jet Heads
  • TextaChrome Reactive Dye Ink
  • Prints on Standard Non Paper Backed Fabrics
  • Prints Sample or short run production
  • Wash Fast after colors are set


Up to 300 Sqft per hour

Up to 1200 DPI Resolution

Cutting Edge Technology

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