Misc Supplies


Murakami Emulsions

Ulano Products

UV Inks

Wilflex Plastisols

Stencil Removers
Full line of odorless stencil removers penetrate and dissolve all types of emulsions such as direct, indirect and pure photopolymer. Contains degreaser to eliminate one reclamation step.

Haze Removers
Biodegradable low odor products are designed to remove diazo stains, ink residue and squeegee and flood bar marks from screens.

Screen degreasers are recommended for newly stretched screens to remove manufacturing oils and contaminants or for applying capillarly films. Also recommended for reclaimed screens.

Image Technology Chemicals

The printing industry has seen vast chnages in screenprinting chemistry over the past 10 years. We've been challenged to reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) into the atmosphere, to address contamination of effluent and to minimize employee handling risks.

Today, Image Technology is proud to lead the way with a line of biodegradable non-flammable, non-hazardous chemicals and specialized equipment, which aide in the screen reclamation process. Let us help you incorporate the latest chemical technology into your screen printing operation.

Press Wipes
Breakthrough chemical technology has revolutionized the press wash process, in many cases actually eliminating the need for haze removers. Fast evaporation for immediate screen taping.

Ink Washes
All purpose biodegradable ink degradents are designed to effectively emulsify all inks, including plastisol, UV and conventional inks. Solubilizes ink without attacking the frame, mesh or stencil system. Can be used in recirculating tanks, ink washers and reclamation units.