Blockout Pen

BLPG1 Blockout Pens: Extremely fast drying blockout loaded into self pressuring pen. Excellent for production breakdowns.

Halftone Mesh Finder

HMF1 Halftone Mesh Determiner : A clear film transparency. Simply lay film on frame and follow directions to find the mesh count of the fabric.

Misc Supplies Continued




Misc Supplies

Murakami Emuslions

Ulano Products

Wilflex Plastisol Ink

Aerosol Sprays

ASS12 Anti-Static Spray: This product may be applied to any material where static is a problem. Suggested applications are vacuum beds, stock, tables, hoppers or the bottom of your screen.

SS946 Silicone Spray: An aerosol spray that is recommended for use where temporary lubrication is needed. Also works well for specialty flash jobs. Simply spray directly on print after flash to reduce "screen pop".

C60 Solvent Cleaner Degreaser: A petroleum based, multi-purpose cleaner. This aerosol product is most helpful cleaning those small parts, and reaching into tight places. Highly recommended for use in equipment maintenance.


PGH02 Chem-Master Gloves : Medium weight neoprene gloves especially treated for chemical resistance. Sizes: Large

PGH50 Disposable Polygloves: Heavy weight. Excellent for those messy clean-up projects. Heavyduty/Pkg of 50.

PGH100 Disposable Polygloves: Medium Weight. Excellent for those messy clean-up projects. Medium weight/Pkg. of 100.

PGH01 Heavy Solvent Gloves: Solvent resistant, heavy duty industrial gloves. Made from specially treated neoprene. Sizes available: Large