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Technical Notes

Tension Drops. Tension attained will be dropped approximately 2 to 5 N/cm two days after the stretching due to the characteristics of polyester threads. However, Murakami Screen's Super Strong Plus LE will be stabilized thereafter due to its excellent lower elongation features. Please refer to Super Strong Plus LE product brochure. Printers must take into consideration further tension drop during printing. It ranges typically between 2 to 4 Newtons/cm.

Recommended Tensioning Procedure

Benefits Of Higher Tension

Tension of the screen plays a very important role for print quality and production control. Improper or poor tension results in stencil breakdown, registration problems, poor snap-off and higher off-contact, reduced printing speed, poor imaging and reducing the overall life of the stencil.

The objective in tensioning the screen is to achieve the optimum tension levelsunder given printing requirements and conditions. In most printing applications, optimum tension demonstrates lower elongation and higher tension of the screen which would deliver closest tolerance, minimum off-contact, better snap-off, consistent image reproduction and longer life of the stencil.

Tension Levels

Tension levels are recommended in three different categories;

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Maximum

Levels are specific in use depending on various factors, such as stretching equipment or device, operator's skill, frame profile and materials, stretching method, type of printing and press equipment. In order to achieve higher tension than your current level, practice tensioning procedure recommended in this guide with your utmost attention and caution.