Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you, we are pleased that you have taken the time to visit with us. As the screenprinting, sign and digital imaging industries continue to merge as one complex industry there is one common objective and that is to achieve...

  • Higher quality prints
  • Faster production speeds
  • Lower cost per print

This will only be achieved through technology, which is changing at unbelievable speeds. We are printing images today at speeds and on substrates believed impossible but a few short years ago.

The future is changing and whatever your vision may be Freedom is here to assist you..

From New Shop Set up to the Latest advances in Automated technology

  • Higher speed Automatic Presses
  • More energy efficent curing operations
  • Printing samples in minutes versus days
  • Producing art work faster and more economical
  • Computerized Colormatching


In todays growing competitve marketplace service is quickly outweighing price as the major influence in purchasing. Everyone must fight for the competitive edge. This means focusing not on what a product costs coming in to your facility but what it costs going out.

Freedom is here to assist you in....

  • Determining actual costs per print
  • Compensating for Increase or Decrease in labor
  • OSHA and Health concerns
  • Faster production turn around
  • Achieving Higher quality images
  • Better Inventory control
  • Extending the usage or life of product
  • Reliable Distributor Support Team

Experience our Platinum level of customer service as you build towards a more profitable tomorrow!

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